Lennon lim


In 2010, the Maritime Business Society (MBS) was formed to bring industry exposure and learning opportunities to the maritime studies NTU undergraduates. Now, we are more than that. We are now a platform that brings together the industry, the union, alumnus, students and other maritime schools to achieve something greater. 

This year, our focus is on building and strengthening relationships, not just with external organisations, but within the school and within the club. In order to achieve this, the club has opened a new department, Internal Relations where their focus lies on organizing and carrying out internal activities to create a more cohesive club. I believe that the people are the core of any organisation, and if we take the time and effort to build and strengthen our relationships, our club will surely thrive.

Hence, we embark on a journey to grow the club and its students. The 10th committee is almost twice in size compared to the previous year, and we are planning for many more activities that are greater in scale. This decision will take us down to a path of many uncertainties, but I believe that you learn the most when you step out of your comfort zone, and you grow the most in the most uncomfortable situation.

They say to not go to where the path leads, but instead go where there is no path and leave a trail. This year, the 10th committee will set that trail ablaze.


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