yap quansheng


I hope this message finds everyone safe and well. Last year, the impact of the pandemic disrupted the lives as well as the plans of many, including all the hard work by the 10th Committee. As the situation improved, we were gradually introduced to the “New Normal” in phases. The situation highlighted the need for change in our traditional approach as we define and develop new measures in the ambiguous environment.

Our area of focus for the coming year can be defined in three aspects, Cohesiveness, Adaptability and Refinement.

Aligning goals with the 10th Committee, we believe that people are the core of any organisation.  Therefore, we recognize the importance of building a strong and dedicated team that maintains a sense of belonging within the club.

The ability to remain flexible and agile is critical in ensuring that our club runs smoothly despite the current restrictions. The main committee has worked hard in developing measures to ensure the smooth facilitation of our work plan in the event of tightened measures.

The 11th committee would be building on what our predecessors had accomplished, while at the same time innovating and spearheading new methods to better serve the industry, alumnus and students.

The uncertainty of the pandemic has posed a challenge to many as we strive to overcome the new restrictions in place. However, in every crisis, lies great opportunity, and I believe the obstacles brought forth will motivate change and innovation for the better. 'Smooth seas do not make skillful sailors’. The challenges that we overcome will build our resilience and solidify our purpose for the future. I am confident that working together with the support of our stakeholders will enable the 11th committee to strive to bring the club to greater heights.




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