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Directors: Sarath Alexander, Quek Kai Jie


 Sarath Alexander


 Quek Kai Jie 


What do we do?


In Public Relations (PR), we establish a robust network of connections with people in the maritime industry. We ensure that the Maritime Business Society and students in Maritime Studies have the opportunities to interact with people who can give us a better view of what lies outside of our academics.


This includes hosting seminars, webinars, and online exposure events, and inviting esteemed industry players to provide better perspectives for Maritime Business Society and the Maritime Studies cohort. In this academic year, my goal for PR is for my members to bond and get to know one another better so that they can spur each other on to greater heights. As for the general Maritime Studies cohort, I would like to bring in established speakers for them to get to know the maritime industry better and make informed choices and understand the different career pathways there are.

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