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Past events

What are we up to?
Expanding Our Horizons (welcome night)


MBS hosted a welcome night for the freshmen of Maritime Studies as part of an initiative for the recruitment of fresh blood. The event saw the invitation of numerous speakers such as our course cordinator Mr Tay Kong Leong and our distinguished guest, Mr Hazreen, Maritime Ambassador under MaritimeONE, who talked about the opportunities and the various career paths upon completion of the Maritime Studies degree. 

Expanding Horizons
Speaker Series 2016

A hall-mark event of MBS, this year speaker series saw 4 speakers from different fields of work in the maritime industry, where they shared their rich experience and expertise in brokering, chartering, the offshore industry as well as sea-faring and shipping itself. 

Speaker Series 2016
PSA-Marine Site Visit


The visit to PSA-Marine was an eye-opener where members gain a deeper understanding of the importance of port-operations in Singapore’s maritime industry. Through this visit, participants gained a better insight and develop interest in the port operations industry. Furthermore, there was a rare boat-launch  where they will view the whole scheme of works of the port operations from the seaward perspective.

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