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In NTU Maritime Business Society, we strongly believe that every graduate can continue to give back to their maritime community in various ways. There are various initiatives to collaborate and enhance a close-knitted NTU Maritime Family. Reconnect with friends and stay up to date with our events by signing up in the link here !


Do check out below for events and programs that are currently on-going! 

NTU MBS is officially launching our Mentorship Programme in 2017, which provides a platform to connect the MS Alumni with MS students. This Mentorship Programme pairs current MS students with the alumni who are already working in the industry, to value-add to the students' learning experience as they learn from their seniors about how it really is like in the working world, and more importantly - get advice on what we can do as an aspiring Maritime professional to be eventually successful. ​

For students who wants to sign up as a mentee click here

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